Day 2 – Inverted colour digital image portrait

Day 2 - Inverted colour digital image portrait

Day 2 – Inverted colour digital image portrait

100 Portraits of Ava by Karen

Procrastination led me to create this image that reuses the blind contour drawing portrait from Day 1.


Procrastination is something that I often do when I find something difficult, or I am unsure about how to proceed with a task or project, and solve a particular problem. Procrastination often leads me to thinking up solutions to other things that I have been pondering about, and so I find that I switch from one project to another or think about other things, that I had actually thought about doing later.

On this day, I was avoiding putting pencil to paper and drawing directly from my reference photograph of Ava. And although, I had been practising drawing heads in the weeks before my 100 Portraits of Ava by Karen project started, I was happy to find something else that I could make before I had to use all that practise to draw a portrait.

As someone who has been working with digital images, every now and then, primarily for making and maintaining websites, for over 20 years, the option to play with the tools that are very familiar to me, gave me a big sense of relief. What could be different, but the same about the portrait that I produced on Day 1? There are so many possibilities that I didn’t even think about or attempt to do with this portrait. I simply opted for the first idea that came into my head – inverting the colours.

Inverting the colours of a blue line drawing on a white background, gave me the result of an orange line drawing on a black background.

To create this image I used Pixelmator on my MacBook Air, but other image editing apps will also have the option to invert the colours or do help you do something even more creative!


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